Auto Afghan Mass (5 Seeds)

Auto Afghan Mass (5 Seeds)


Auto Afghan Mass by 00 Seeds Bank is a feminised autoflowering cannabis seed that has its origins in the cross of a CRITICAL MASS AUTOMATIC and several Afghan genetics. It is a small, sturdy and easy-to-grow marijuana plant, with mid-sized leaves, that yields plenty of big resinous high-quality buds all over the main stem and its side branches.

The flavour and aroma of Auto Afghan Mass are pronounced, with hints of lemon, earth and pine wood. It provides a potent and balanced relaxing effect of long duration.

  • Feminized autoflowering

  • Critical Mass Auto x Afghan genetics

  • Indica-dominant

  • Indoor flowering period: 60-65 days

  • Indoor yield: 300-400 g/m2

  • Outdoor harvest: from April to November

  • Height: 60-100 cm

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