Sweet Critical (5 Seeds)

Sweet Critical (5 Seeds)


Sweet Critical by 00 Seeds Bank is a cannabis seed that has its origins in the cross of a Critical + and a Swiss variety whose origin has been kept secret. It is a small/medium-sized hardy plant with mid-sized leaves that produces generous crops of big compact buds.

Sweet Critical is a very appropriate choice for small spaces indoors as it tends to stretch just a little. Breeders of all levels will easily get abundant high-quality crops. Good results were observed in all farming systems, especially in SCROG and SOG. It is a strain with reduced susceptibility to mould and disease than Critical.

The flavour and aroma of Critical Sweet are pronounced and fruity, with hints of sweet fruit, lemon, spices and exotic woods. It provides a powerful and relaxing effect which is ideal for good times of relaxing.

  • Feminized

  • Critical + x Swiss strain

  • Indica Dominance

  • Flowering indoor: 45-55 days

  • Indoor yield: 350-400 g/m2

  • Indoor Height: 80-100cm

  • Outdoor harvest: late September

  • Outdoor yield: 500-600g/plant

  • Height outdoors: over 250cm

  • THC : 21%

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