Pineapple Express Auto

Pineapple Express Auto

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Our world famous PINEAPPLE CHUNK™ is now available in an autoflowering variant. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO™ is a hardy, fast flowering and easy to grow cannabis plant giving generous yields of heavy buds coated in resin. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO™ produces an impressive 60 to 100 grams per plant of delicious earthy Indica. The vegetation period is just four weeks with a flowering period of just thirty days. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO™ exudes mouth-watering sweet aromas with an intense pineapple flavour. The effect of this amazing strain allows the body to relax by creating stress reducing calmness.

Type: Feminised

Photoperiod: Autoflowering

Cultivation: Indoor/outdoor

Genetics: Pineapple Chunk x Super Auto

Effect: Sress Reducing, Calm, Sensual, Relaxing, Mellow

Indoor Yield (g): 600 gr/m²

Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month Week: 1st-2nd week

Autoflowering Harvest Time From Seed (days): 60 - 65

Height (cm): 100/110cm

Height Indoor (cm): 110cm

Indica %: 70%

Sativa %: 30%

Medical: No

Taste: Rich,Tropical, Intense pineapple

Aroma: Mouth-watering, Sweet Pineapple, Tropical Fruits

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