Michoacan Cream

Michoacan Cream

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Michoacan Cream regular cannabis seeds by CannabioGen have their origins in the cross of a Mexican Sativa, a Michoacan Spirit and an American Indica called Peyote Purple. The result of such a special cross couldn’t be other than an incredibly potent, tasty and fast-growing strain that tends to grow particularly big outdoors.

That’s why, if we’re lacking space, keeping an eye on her size is sure to be necessary, up to such an extent that, on some occasions, using a pruning technique will be the only possible solution to repressing her growth.

Despite her clearly Sativa-like structure, Michoacan Cream delivers typically Indica buds, big and resinous, that acquire a beautiful colouring during the flowering. If we want to make the most out of her flavour and aroma, waiting long before harvest is not advisable.

The scent of Michoacan Cream is really special: incense, earth, hash, grapes and lavender. Her flavour has also some spicy hints. Initially stimulating and uplifting, her effect turns more soothing as time passes by.

Suitable forIndoors and outdoorsSexRegularGenotypeSativa/ IndicaCrossPeyote Purple x Michoacan SpiritIndoor flowering period9-10 weeksOutdoor harvest timeMid-OctoberYieldMedium/High

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