Chem Berry D (10 Seeds)

Chem Berry D (10 Seeds)


Chem Berry D by Dark Horse Genetics is a regular cannabis seed derived from an exceptional combination of Diesel genetics. With such amazing origins, Chemdawg 4 and Strawberry Diesel, the result could only be an incredible Sativa-dominant marijuana strain with mind-blowing effects and intensely fruity tastes.

Chem Berry D is not particularly demanding and provides great results both indoors and outdoors. Her flowering time is relatively fast and, like most Diesel genetics of this seed bank, she’s very easy to grow. Her resin count is more than acceptable too.

And, as for her potency, users should expect a powerful onset as a result of her THC levels pushing far past 20 %. Mind-blowing Sativa lovers will love the potent cerebral effect of this outstanding strain that will make them feel like filled with energy and euphoria. Her green buds are just perfect for daytime use. A single drag will quickly become evident: users will feel happier and more creative than ever. Due to her high THC content, she also boasts some amazing therapeutic properties that could help alleviate stress among others.

If to this we add a delicious fruity taste with hints of strawberries and citrus, the result is a unique experience that top-quality Diesel lovers cannot miss.

  • Suitable for Indoors and outdoors

  • Sex Regular

  • Genotype Sativa-dominant

  • Cross Chemdawg 4 x Strawberry Diesel

  • THC 25-32%

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