Marley's Cheese Regular (10 Seeds)

Marley's Cheese Regular (10 Seeds)


Marley’s Cheese is the result of inbreeding one of Kaliman's other popular strains: Cheese Tease.

This F2 recombination of genes makes this strain present in numerous phenotypes with variances in their chemotypes and resin profiles. Some specimens are heavily sativa-dominant while others are more balanced and even. Some even play heavy on the indica side.

Marley's Cheese plants reach a medium height, making these seeds ideal candidates for growing in virtually any environment or grow setup. The plants do well outdoors and indoors, and they respond well in both hydro and soil setups. Some growers have even reported getting good results in SOG and Deep Water Culture setups and recommend them for pulling superior yields.

These plants thrive well outdoors well into the month of October, given they are not exposed to frost. Growers operating in the Northern hemisphere should keep with this timeline and also use good judgment based on what they know about weather conditions in their part of the world.

Average yields for these plants is around 600 g per square metre and the quality of the bud is excellent, regardless of the pheno. It is worth noting that potency is not always easy to predict but that one can tell a good bit by the amount of resin each pheno produces.

The average finishing time for these plants is between 8 and 11 weeks, depending on the pheno. Most will finish a little faster indoors, but they don't need to be harvested immediately. In fact, the longer the better, particularly outdoors.

Marley's Cheese is simple to grow for the most part. Most phenos don't require much of the grower – just provide plenty of water, a steady diet of appropriate nutrients and a good, balanced light cycle (18/6 during the vegetative and 12/12 during flowering stage) when growing indoors.

Flowering Time: 56 to 77 days

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Variety: Indica / Sativa

Genetics: Exodus x Skunk#1 F2

Sex: Regular

Yield: High (500g +)

Grows: Greenhouse / Grows indoors / Grows outdoors

Height: Medium

THC Content: High - 14%-19%

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